Swamiji was invited for the second time in three months to ICAI

8th Jul, 2017

Swamiji was invited for the second time in three months to ICAI, Dubai conference to address on "Certainty in the Uncertain World & Corporate Harmony". Delegates where overwhelmed and the program was well received and highly motivating.




Creating a great work place

5th Jul, 2017

Creating a great work place...was the essence of Swamiji's address during HR Summit of Oil & Gas Major Companies of the country to their top executives at Shillong.



Swamiji addressing promoters & executives of Vishal Infrastructure

5th Jul, 2017
Poojya Swami Sukhabodhananda addressed the promoters and executives and families of Vishal Infrastructure on 5th July 2017 at Eagleton Resorts.
What makes a leader an ordinary or an extraordinary leader and what are the dynamics which contribute to such a leadership was the essence of the session. Not only were there nuggets that he presented, interspersed with thought provoking and impacting couplets in Hindi and Urdu shayaris,which kept receiving applause and acknowledgements from the participants each time they were expressed, but instigated them to consider their own strategies that they had adopted in various spheres of their life, be it in their personal, family and also in their work zones.
Four types of leadership styles Swamiji spoke about namely
1.Bad Leader: is one who is always complaining about people and situations
2.Average Leader: one who does his work as a mere duty and hence ritualistic
3.Good Leader: is one who gives good information
4.Best Leader: is one who inspires not only himself but also his subordinates towards the vision and mission of the group or organisation. 
The presentation as usual was full of humour. Swamiji quoted the Gita sloka where Lord Krishna persuades Arjuna to fight the enemy from a space of cheerfulness. PRASANNA CHETASAHI AASHUHU BUDDHIHI PARVATISHTHATI. Cheerfulness is the energy which instils a sense of positivity in one’s action. 
Audio visual presentation of leadership strategies based on martial arts techniques was one of the highlights of the talk.
1.Learn to centre yourself first
2.Observe the opponents centre (opponent here is the problems or challenges one faces)
3.Enter the centre of the opponent
4.Break the opponents centre
5.If you find that the opponent is strong enough to counter attack, then move away and then freshly enter with alternatives.
For this to happen one must adopt a learning strategy which Swamiji elaborated as follows

1.First select a good master

2.Learn from the master

3.Learn from the learnings which you have learnt

4.Master the learning

5.Apply the learnings in real time.

A standing ovation was the response from all the participants which concluded the session.




A Clarion call for the Propogation Protection and service of GAUMATA

4th Jul, 2017

A Clarion call for the Propogation Protection and service of GAUMATA

“He gives not the best who gives the most,

He gives the most who gives the Best,

I may not give bountiful yet I may give freely,

What I lack in my hands I supply through my heart”

- Swami Sukhabodhananda

So true this adage aptly conveys the very essence of the life of GAUMATA. Cow in Indian ethos is an embodiment of spirituality and an expression of nature which is GIVING, SERVING & PROTECTING.

Indian culture has always placed the nurturing, protection and housing the cow & called it as a mother who protects humanity. The art of giving and usefulness to society can hardly be any better than what the Gaumata teaches us.

Scientific research has endorsed the greatness and usefulness of the cow, which proves that every part of of the cow is a gift to humanity.

Cow dung - useful as a fuel as gobar gas, used in cooking and also for automobiles, as fertilizer with unmatched benefit compared to the modern fertilizers used in farming.

Cow urine - used as a medicine to cure many diseases and ayurvedic treatment.

Cow's milk, ghee, butter - a great food for human nourishment.

Breeding, maintaining, protecting & lovingly nurturing this mother Gaumata, thus becomes a physical, economical & spiritual sadhana for all humanity. Some of the groups who propagate killing of cows for meat is a sheer product for pure ignorance and abuse of a great blessing of nature.

Under the guidance of POOJYA SWAMI SUKHABODHANANDA, Prasanna Trust has now ventured into starting a PRASANNA GAUSHALA in Prasanna Ashram in Tataguni on Kanakapura road Bangalore.

We appeal to like minded people to join us in this noble endeavour and support this cause. The support can be in terms of donating cows or their maintenance or sponsoring this project in whatever way to fulfilling this effort.


Birth, Rebirth & Death

3rd Jul, 2017

Swamiji's addressed on birth, death & rebirth - It's only the gross body which perishes while the subtle body that continues its journey on path of Moksha. It was an empowering & informative talk.