Dasara Celebration 2017

30th Sep, 2017

Navaratri is also called as Dasara. Nava means Nine Ratri is the night. Night represents darkness which in turn is the Ignorance that we all are. Ignorance has no beginning but it has an end. Why Ignorance is a question that cannot be answered since the question “Why”itself comes from ignorance. The result of Ignorance expresses itself in multifarious ways. These nine days we worship the three Devi’s namely Durga on the first three days which is for the destruction of our TAMO GUNA – the laziness and inertia which is in us. The next three days we worship goddess Lakshmi to destroy our RAJO GUNA which is passion and restlessness. The last three days we worship Goddess Saraswati to destroy even the SAT GUNA which is purity and silence. SAT GUNA is purity but there is a level beyond even the SAT GUNA which has to be realized and that is the fourth state which is called TURYA AVASTHA which cannot be explained. When all these three GUNAS called the TRIGUNATMIKA MAYA are destroyed, the tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashami the victory over our Ignorance.

Another dimension is the celebration of Dasara. The exact word is DASHA—means TEN, HARA means DEATRUCTION. The ten negatives which are victimizing our life have to destroyed / overcome. The ten negatives are KAMA- Desire, KRODHA- Anger, MOHA- Delusion, LOBHA- Greed, MADA- Pride and MATSARYA- Jealousy, MANAHA- Mind, BUDDHI-Intellect, AHANKARA- Ego, and CHITTA- Conscience. These ten negatives when overcome one is out of this cycle of disorder that one is infested with and a peace which cannot be explained by words , a wordless blissful experience dawns on an individual, Jesus Christ calls it A PEACE THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING becomes one’s treasure. That is the ultimate reality that one has to discover in oneself. DASARA symbolizes this Inner awakening.

Navaratri Celebrations commenced with wonderful bhajans followed by traditional pooja and celebrative dance performed by children of Prasanna Jyothi  at Nirguna Mandir in the presence of Poojya Swamiji.  Adhipati’s for three days were Ms. Srikala n Sampath and Mr.  & Mrs. Subbu Krishan for the first day, second day the adhipati was Ms. Vydehi Reddy and third day was Mr.&Mrs. Vinitha Shataram. We would like to heart fully thank them for conceding in our request for beings Adhipati’s and making Navaratri a truly blissful celebration.







'Personal Excellence Through Bhagavad Gita' in Delhi

17th Sep, 2017

Swamiji addressing to packed audience on 'Personal Excellence Through Bhagavad Gita' in Delhi. Seen in the picture... Chief Vigilance Commissioner Mr. KV Chowdary, Mrs.Sadhana Khaitan of Sree Balaji Trust & Mr. Ajit Bhatnagar, Executive Director of NTPC along with Poojya Swamiji. The grand event was made possible by GMR, Balaji Trust & Ambience Mall. Congrats to the whole team.






Revolutionary Approach to Wise Living Managing Life Creatively September 2017

9th Sep, 2017

Swamiji  has always been an enigma to all of us. Each time we attend his program, even though the title of the Program remains the same as MANAGING LIFE CREATIVELY, there is the innovative self of Swamiji which emerges and zaps us all.

The contents of this program were a complete overhaul from what we have experienced earlier. Starting from the introduction, to the interactions and meditations that Swamiji included in the program, were directed to deepen our understanding and experience them in our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual zones of our lives.

The whole emphasis and invitation to all of us was to bring about a paradigm shift from the success oriented approach to life towards a fulfilment oriented approach.

Every one of us in life is fighting a hard battle. Bhagavad Gita also is a teaching that happened in the midst of a battle field. The approach to life should be one of facing life courageously and not to run away from the realities of life.

Swamiji stressed the need to see deeply, listen deeply, think deeply, feel deeply, and create a being which is centred deeply and firmly within oneself.

We are a product of our environment in which we grow, the experiences we encounter in our life. These experiences shape our life. Each one approaches life based on these two impacts and more often we are righteous about our conclusions. Swamiji very dexterously came down to where we are and hand held us and slowly carried us to where he wanted us to reach. Let us all become a product of wise education and transform ourselves.

The workshop was interspersed with his characteristic humour, shayari (couplets) so aptly included at the right time, brought about a change in the mindsets, converting limiting beliefs and the rigid nay saying patterns to flexible free flowing and open approach to life.

The highlight of the program was the SUKHOHAM meditation, a technique which connected us to the five elements based on the martial art and tai chi movements to invoke the ‘CHI’ Energy or the ‘Pranic’ energy from within ourselves, connecting us to our prana the very basic life force through deep breathing,gradually leading us into alpha state of consciousness, a deep state of silence which ultimately made all of us experience the fundamental state of joy within us  SUKHOHAM . I AM JOY , I AM HAPPINESS.

Overall Swamiji led us by bringing about clarity in our thinking, helped us to deepen our feeling domain and created a being full of joy. The final celebration was the sufi dance which was the peak of celebration, which made us not only creative and effective but also celebrative in life.

These two days were a spiritual holiday to cleanse the inner self, bathing us in delight. Wow what an experience! Would love to be in this space more often if possible always.






USA Program Visit 2017

27th Aug, 2017

People in the United States of America have been showered with spiritual blessings by Swami Sukhabodhananda during the last one month, which included his programs starting from the workshop on Oh' Mind Relax please and Emotional Detox at Milpitas California, workshop on living with confidence and Oh'Life Relax please at Dallas Texas, followed by talks on Shiva Sutras at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Oh' Mind Relax please at Riverside California.

‘Some of us think many of us think we think most of us never think of thinking itself’ says Swamiji. Managing life is managing the self, managing the self is managing one’s mind. The art of mind management is the process of detoxing the toxic centers in oneself that hinder the progress of a fulfilling life.  Thinking to feeling to being was the journey which people were treated to during these programs which cleansed the people’s minds, percolated into their hearts and the experience of ecstasy which was showered upon them. The experience goes beyond words as the saying goes there are some things that can be explained but some that cannot be put into words but can only be experienced.

   Riverside Program Photo

Texas Event   Milpitas Program


Relationship Matrix

27th Jul, 2017

Poojya Swami Sukhabodhananda addressed a group of 80 participants on Relationship Matrix at the Good Karma Retreat on the 27th of July, 2017 held at Bekal, Kerala. The participants were overwhelmed and the program was a great success.

Life is full of relationships. Relationships are crucial. But we have to observe deeply how we relate to oneself; to one’s spouse; to children; to boss; to subordinate; to expectations; to failures and to success. Relationship must become a mirror for reflecting who we are and to transform them into moments of celebration and dance is a creative stance.

Most of the times we are not relating to the other but are drowned in what we want or what we don’t want. Every moment is dancing when I give space to the other and when I am not addicted to my individuality. When one sees the beauty of what is, a positive attitude is scaled.

When the other person is speaking feel his words, feel the vibrations of his words, and feel the space between words. Finally feel the context of what is said. Slowly some other quality in your relatedness will emerge.

The greatest poison is our addiction to what we want or don’t want in other words addiction to our individuality. If snake poison can be transformed into medicine so too one’s worry can become wisdom and ones frustration can become fascination. Ego is the greatest poison and love is the greatest nectar. Love is one thing that cannot be purchased in a market place it is like clean air. Life cannot exist without air and without love true life cannot exist.

The greatest pollution is when love is made to look as “like”. When someone says “I like this” he/she means I love this. Like is not loving. Hence, by comparing like to love, one pollutes and has poisoned the possibility of the nectar of love arising.

Learn not to fall in love but learn to rise in love. To fall in love is to be caught in your dogma of what you want out of love. If you can learn to give out of love, rather than wanting something out of love, then you will rise in love.

Relationships have become difficult for many reasons. People have a poor attitude. For any given situation in life, one can give an uplifting meaning or whipping meaning. It is more than the situation, what meaning one gives to the incident or situation that matters. More often, the meaning one gives depends on one’s attitude. If one is alert one will see one has become more sentimental rather than sensitive. Sentimental is reacting to “what is” based on one’s like and dislikes and being sensitive is to be available to “what is”.

Generally in relationship people look in terms of comfort, security or gratification. If you are using your wife or husband for gratification or security then you are using them and not contributing to them when you use them. If you look deeply within you experience a sense of isolation.

Let relationships be mirrors in which you see yourself, understand yourself and thereby discovering right action. In that right action, you realise the joy of contributing to others, the joy of giving to others, the joy of making a difference to others. Then your action is out of joy and not for joy. There must be a fundamental revolution with relationships with people, with ideas. Therefore it is essential to understand oneself through relationship. For without self knowledge one’s efforts only create further confusion and further misery.

Be aware of your total process of yourself.

Lastly so long there are people there will be differences. Take these differences lightly, but with love and then one’s joy will not get affected by the other.