Adasia 2011: Revalue our Assessment of Market Economy

31st Jan, 2015
Poojya Swamiji's Talk in adasia 2011, New Delhi
‘Rock Star’ Swami shows spiritual way to manage uncertainity

Swamiji, founder-chairman of Prasanna Trust, Robert Senior, Creative Chairman, Saatchi & Saatchi, Indra Nooyi Chairperson and CEO, PepsiCo, Ram Charan, author, speaker and CEO coach, Shah Rukh Khan, Bollywood Actor were some of the speakers during AdAsia 2011.

Ms. Diana Hayden, Former Miss World was the compere of the event.

A Sum Of All Parts
Businessworld - ADASIA 2011, 12 Nov 2011

Anna Bernasek, US-based author of the Economics of Integrity, and Swami Sukhabodhananda, founder-chairman of Prasanna Trust, discuss the need to revalue our assessment of the market economy, sustainable marketing and messages.





Daily Inspiration: Swamiji's Message on you Phone

22nd Jan, 2015


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The Psyche of Indian Managers

22nd Jan, 2015



Goa Fest 2013

22nd Jan, 2015

Uncertainty may well have been the theme of the past few years, what with the weakened economy and downslides in many industries. Management guru Swami Sukhabodhananda went for the jugular of the topic, opening the innings on the second day of Goafest 2013 with pithy and good-humoured advice to the audience on how to tackle uncertainty.

Speaking on "Uncertainty is also part of life", he started by examining the perception of uncertainty itself. "You think you are seeing right, but if your context is wrong your perception is distorted," he said. "We need to perceive our uncertainty properly."

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Swamiji's Speaks: Clips of his Wisdom

22nd Jan, 2015
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