Launch of a new book: ‘The River of Life’

12th May, 2015

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes. ‘The River of Life’ is just such a book where pictures speak as much as the words themselves. A coffee table book, the first of its kind by Prasanna Trust, it unfolds the truth behind joyous living, revealing that happiness is not something to be pursued, but rather, realized. Our very nature, as human beings, is filled with happiness. Yet we are unaware of this truth due to our own ignorance. This ignorance covers us, hides us from who we are. The book also explores questions of identity, the ‘I’ by which we define ourselves, revealing the games our Ego plays that entrap us further in a world of suffering. Embarking on a spiritual enquiry into the human condition, it begins by explaining what leads us on such a journey:

‘Conflict: the beginning of true enquiry
When does conflict arise? Only when you know ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, but at the same time are confused as to what you should do in a given situation, is it not? Understand that conflict arising out of confusion is the first baby step in one’s life towards transformation. Conflict indicates that you know something and you are not sure as to how to act in that given situation.

Life has become a battlefield in which constantly there is a war between different polarities in us – such as the good and the bad; the angel and the devil; the Pandavas and the Kauravas.
How are you treating your deficiencies and frustrations? Do you deal with them with dignity, guilt or with the tantrums of temper? When faced with such situations switch your journey of life to a journey of enquiry and be guided by your master.’

The book's subsequent sections go down memory lane, celebrating the growth of Prasanna Trust as it started from a small tributary of a handful to the family of thousands that it is today. 

We wish to applaud Dr. Muralidhar for purchasing books worth over Rs. 35,000/-. We invite Chapter Chairpersons and Seminar Leaders to join us in spreading the message of Swamiji through his publications. Take a peek into a page of the book. Contact us here to buy it.




Prasanna Jyothi Silver Jubilee Celebrations

12th May, 2015

For over 25 years Prasanna Jyothi has worked to transform the lives of girl children in need, providing them with a safe environment in which to grow and realize their full potential.

A part of the Trust’s social service programs, this home for girl children in Bangalore has given underprivileged girls an opportunity for a better life. Many of them today are married with children of their own.

This April 26th marked the Silver Jubilee of Prasann Jyothi. We wish to thank all the people along the way who have selflessly contributed to taking care of girls at the home. We could not have achieved this milestone without your continual support.



'The greatest stress children go through is the greed to be somebody and the fear of being nobody...Each one is unique. Enjoy this uniqueness. Why become somebody? Why not be you? When you are lost in comparisons, you are caught up in competition...learn to compete with your potential.'

    - The Art of Wise Parenting,
       Swami Sukhabodhananda

At our home for girl children, we work to increase their confidence, to make them realize their own uniqueness and in doing so, achieve their full potential. 


Distribution of Artificial Limbs and Calipers

12th May, 2015

During Swamiji’s birthday celebrations and in the run up to it, we reached out to nearly 60 people in need of artificial limbs and calipers. 

This initiative is  carried out regularly in Prasanna Trust, both in its headquarters as well as various chapters across India. 

According to the latest statistical data, nearly 21 million people in India are suffering from some form of disability or other, of which 27.9% are disabled in movement. 

By providing them with the support they need, we hope to improve their quality of life. Contact us here to find out how you can contribute to this initiative. 


Blood Donation, Scholarships and Annadanam

12th May, 2015



This April, we conducted a blood donation camp at Nirgun Mandir. Blood donation camps are another one of the social service initiatives we carry out regularly. 







Annadanam, or providing meals for the underprivileged, is something that many of our chapters carry out. In recent months, we have provided meals for hospitals, schools, old age homes, among others. 

Some of our chapter members contribute financially to these initiatives, while some contribute in kind. Smt. Annapurna and Sri. Venugopal, members of our Hyderabad chapter, have been providing hot meals cooked in their home to about 250 attendants of the patients of Govt. Niloufer Hospital for Children. They have been doing so every 3rd Saturday, since July 2014. We applaud them on their efforts.  








During Swamiji's birthday celebrations, we were also able to give out scholarships to those in need of financial assistance for further studies. 

Contact us to be a part of these initiatives.




A thesis on Swamiji's book 'Oh, Mind Relax Please!'

23rd Apr, 2015

Kedar Shah, from Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business Spirituality of Leadership, wrote a thesis on 'Oh, Mind Relax Please!', one of Swamijis most popular books. Writes Shah, "I found the best approach was to enjoy it like fine wine. I dipped gently into individual chapters and stories...The more a chapter spoke to me, the more I would read and re-read that chapter story in order to internalize its message for my life. Because the lessons are so profound, they require time and focus to truly apply into my life."

The book, which delves into what Swamiji calls the mystery of life explores how spiritual truths can be applied to living happier, more relaxed lives. At the crux of his teaching is that the mind can create both heaven and hell. Mastering it, will make the difference happiness and misery. Read about Swamiji's books here