Riding the Shifting Sands...

11th Feb, 2016

Swamiji addressed Top Management of Malayala Manorama on the topic "Riding the Shifting Sands..." during their Jaipur Conclave.

Participants from all over India thoroughly enjoyed the talk and interacting with Poojya Swamiji. All the participants had one thing to say at the end "It was a great learning experience overall!".


Psychology of a Wise Man

10th Feb, 2016

The psychology of a wise man is seeing one in the many. Seeing unity in diversity. The waves many be many but the oceanic water is one. Names and forms are different but the essence is one. Chains are different but the gold is the same.

The insight of a wise man is the world has pleasure but happiness is within. Pleasure is not equal to happiness. In the state of deep sleep one is happy without objects. He is awake to this inner kingdom. He is king without possessions as he possesses non-possessiveness. Ego is binding it defines one to limitation. Egoless-ness means no limitation. He is free without ego and hence no limitation..

A Master at times used to criticize religion.

“Is not religion the best of understanding?”, asked the student.

“Sometimes it is the best and sometimes the worst” replied the master.

“Why do you say it is the worst sometimes”?

“Some people are bound by their religion and hence hate the other, instead of being free and love other”, replied the master.


Gita talks at Reva university Bangalore

9th Feb, 2016

What a gathering. It was a sea of people who had gathered to hear Swamiji address students, teachers and parents during Gita talks at Reva university Bangalore.


What the Earth teaches us

8th Feb, 2016

The great sage Dattatreya had many gurus. With a mind free from the shackles of likes and dislikes, he was able to unravel many of the mysteries of life by observing it unfold before his eyes. The Earth was the first guru of Dattatreya and it taught him
many valuable lessons.

He saw that in the Earth all things existed together and each of them had their own beauty. The river, the flora, the fauna, the mountains - all existed together. The rose flower blooms and the cactus exists on this same Earth. One person is beautiful and another is not, one is rich and another is poor. It is all the same consciousness, yet each one will exist according to its own karma. So, observing the Earth, Dattatreya realized the theory of karma. He realized too that if you can be at peace with your karma, then you are not at conflict with yourself. We compare our karma with that of others and make our life miserable in this unnecessary comparison. When you can be at peace with this karma, you will see the beauty in all situations. A rose has its own beauty and so does a cactus. We all want to see things that are not in our fate and fail to see what is wonderful with our lot in life. This is the problem.

If you understand the theory of karma, then your mind takes on a different dimension. Don’t search for your dreams in the sky; for dreams the earth is needed.

Dattatreya realized something else too when he contemplated further. He realized that the Earth gives us so much but most of us are not thankful for it. Despite this ingratitude, it continues to do its duty. The Earth never stops giving. If you look at most of us in life, we expect some thanks for the things we do. The Earth, however, gives out of love.


Personal Excellence through Bhagavad Gita, Mumbai

5th Feb, 2016

Date : 27 to 28 Feb, 2016

Venue : Raghavendra Swami Udyan,Opp. Fortis Hospital, Mulund - Goregaon Link Road,Mulund (W)

City : Mumbai

For registration, contact :

Office : 022-67693366 (10.00 am to 6.00 pm)
Mobile: 9930877123 / 9892590151 / 91672 35164