Be wary of the Ego on your journey within

1st Nov, 2015

A journalist interviewing a communist leader asks “If you had two Mercedes Benz cars, what would you do?”

The communist answers, “I would keep one and give one to the poor.”

“If you had two bungalows?”

“I would keep one and give one to the poor.”

“If you had ten lakhs of money?”

“I would keep five and give five to the poor.”

The questioning continues in this manner.

There were two hens in the communist’s house. The journalist asks him, “What about these two hens? Will you give one away to the poor?”

The communist replies, “I will not give these hens to anybody. All those other things were not yet mine, so I didn’t mind dividing them. But these hens are mine, so I will not divide them.”

See how the Ego works? It is very sly. In life, we can be street smart, but not wise. The Ego makes you smart, but not wise. And therefore, we suffer with the great heat of struggle. In my experience many egoistic people are smart at making money but they are not necessarily wise. Therefore, we are all suffering in this way.

Can we address this Ego which makes us smart, but not wise?



25th Oct, 2015

Navarathri & Vijayadashami celebrations at Nirguna Mandir, Bangalore between Oct 14, 2015 to Oct 23, 2015. The talks are being relayed in Sanskar channel everyday.





What should be one’s goal of life?

28th Sep, 2015

My wife is very trivial in her approach despite attending spirituality classes. She majors on minor things. She profusely quotes her master but the quotes have no impact in her life.  Why is it so? Recently, her sister said something and now she feels she is betrayed. Why there is no impact of knowledge of spirituality in her life? Has her knowledge become a hindrance?

When knowledge is acquired and if it adds to one’s ego, then that knowledge is information. If ego is one’s center and from that center any knowledge is acquired, then there will not be any quality change in that person. If “transformation” is the center of one’s life and from that center one gains knowledge, then such knowledge can be directed to destroy one’s ego and not fatten it. If one’s ego is the center then stupidity prevails.  Such persons keep their happy memories in a pen drive and unhappy memories in their heart and thus mess up their lives.

When money, power, position are acquired for ego, it will destroy one’s life. If transformation is one’s goal, and not money, power and position, then money, power and position of such people will help to serve humanity. Hence, transformation must be one’s goal of life.


What is holistic life?

22nd Sep, 2015

For most, life consists of conflicts, hurts, upset, frustrations, jealousy and comparisons. Major portion of the life, apart from pleasure and the pursuit of pleasure and power, is spent on these trivialities.

When life is filled with problems and that encompasses one’s life, how can one look at problems? To look at problems holistically is a spiritual discipline.  This involves one transcending looking at life through the pigeon hole of one’s likes & dislikes.  When one looks at a problem holistically, then the macro becomes more important than the micro. 

One suffers in life due to looking at life through micro; that is for personal gains.  While working for an organization, if you are looking at your life in the organization only through the micro of your likes and what you want, will it benefit the organization?  If the organization’s health suffers due to such approach, are you also not affected? Instead, is it not better to look at your issues from a larger perspective; from the wellbeing of the organization? So learn to look at issues of life holistically.  When macro becomes important, understand that micro is included in it. Such a living is a holistic life. In a holistic life you are not a beggar but a giver.


Reflection on Happiness

10th Sep, 2015

Our mind is always in a state of flux and not in a state of abiding’. The goal set in future is a pre-requisite for achievement. Since the mind is serving the achievement oriented ambitions it is habituated to scatter all over. But happiness is not an achievement in the future but it is in the “now”. So an “abiding mind” is needed.

When there is an “abiding (calm) mind, it can discover the presence of the present. Such a mind can see goodness in oneself and others. Studies have shown that happy people are “good finders”. Just being rich, popular or talented does not make one happy but one should be a good finder.

There are infinite things one has while infinite things one does not have. Surest way to unhappiness is to focus on what one does not have.

Rejoice on what you have. Out of that joy, work on getting what you don’t have, and thus allow another sensible dimension to open up.

This is called the “missing tile syndrome”. In the ceiling of a room if one tile is missing one tends to see only that. So too in life one sees only what is missing and get trapped. Hence, one does not discover one’s blessings.

My song of joy is………


One who searches for fragrance in a paper flower
One who searches for joy in small things in life
One who sees angels in one’s family and at work are the
One’s who truly win in live and such a victory is joy