Accenture Technology Program By Swamiji

11th Oct, 2017

Country heads of Accenture Technology team was thrilled to have Swamiji guiding them on Prerana, Lakshya n Shiksha for Profitable Growth. Seen in picture is the team headed by MD Mr. Shantiprakash Motwani.




Dynamics of Decision Making to the top management at Canera Bank

11th Oct, 2017

Dynamics of Decision Making to the top management of Canara Bank was received with great appreciation. Content, Humor, Hindi n Urdu couplets had the all India executives in rapt attention. MD n CEO Mr. Rakesh Sharma n Executive Director Ms. Bharathi seen facilitating Swamiji in a typical Mysore tradition.





Dainik Bhaskar Group Event at Nashik, Aurangabad & Solapur

6th Oct, 2017

Poojya Swamiji’s addressed at Nashik, Aurangabad & Solapur for three consecutive days for Dainik Bhaskar Group was a roaring success the crowd was highly motivated and were indeed blessed to have Poojya Swamiji among them. Swamiji addressed the group on exploding the myth between perception and performance & it’s all about attitude in life which left the group wanting for more…








Dasara Celebration 2017

30th Sep, 2017

Navaratri is also called as Dasara. Nava means Nine Ratri is the night. Night represents darkness which in turn is the Ignorance that we all are. Ignorance has no beginning but it has an end. Why Ignorance is a question that cannot be answered since the question “Why”itself comes from ignorance. The result of Ignorance expresses itself in multifarious ways. These nine days we worship the three Devi’s namely Durga on the first three days which is for the destruction of our TAMO GUNA – the laziness and inertia which is in us. The next three days we worship goddess Lakshmi to destroy our RAJO GUNA which is passion and restlessness. The last three days we worship Goddess Saraswati to destroy even the SAT GUNA which is purity and silence. SAT GUNA is purity but there is a level beyond even the SAT GUNA which has to be realized and that is the fourth state which is called TURYA AVASTHA which cannot be explained. When all these three GUNAS called the TRIGUNATMIKA MAYA are destroyed, the tenth day is celebrated as Vijayadashami the victory over our Ignorance.

Another dimension is the celebration of Dasara. The exact word is DASHA—means TEN, HARA means DEATRUCTION. The ten negatives which are victimizing our life have to destroyed / overcome. The ten negatives are KAMA- Desire, KRODHA- Anger, MOHA- Delusion, LOBHA- Greed, MADA- Pride and MATSARYA- Jealousy, MANAHA- Mind, BUDDHI-Intellect, AHANKARA- Ego, and CHITTA- Conscience. These ten negatives when overcome one is out of this cycle of disorder that one is infested with and a peace which cannot be explained by words , a wordless blissful experience dawns on an individual, Jesus Christ calls it A PEACE THAT PASSETH ALL UNDERSTANDING becomes one’s treasure. That is the ultimate reality that one has to discover in oneself. DASARA symbolizes this Inner awakening.

Navaratri Celebrations commenced with wonderful bhajans followed by traditional pooja and celebrative dance performed by children of Prasanna Jyothi  at Nirguna Mandir in the presence of Poojya Swamiji.  Adhipati’s for three days were Ms. Srikala n Sampath and Mr.  & Mrs. Subbu Krishan for the first day, second day the adhipati was Ms. Vydehi Reddy and third day was Mr.&Mrs. Vinitha Shataram. We would like to heart fully thank them for conceding in our request for beings Adhipati’s and making Navaratri a truly blissful celebration.







'Personal Excellence Through Bhagavad Gita' in Delhi

17th Sep, 2017

Swamiji addressing to packed audience on 'Personal Excellence Through Bhagavad Gita' in Delhi. Seen in the picture... Chief Vigilance Commissioner Mr. KV Chowdary, Mrs.Sadhana Khaitan of Sree Balaji Trust & Mr. Ajit Bhatnagar, Executive Director of NTPC along with Poojya Swamiji. The grand event was made possible by GMR, Balaji Trust & Ambience Mall. Congrats to the whole team.