Prasanna Jyothi Silver Jubilee Celebrations

12th May, 2015

For over 25 years Prasanna Jyothi has worked to transform the lives of girl children in need, providing them with a safe environment in which to grow and realize their full potential.

A part of the Trust’s social service programs, this home for girl children in Bangalore has given underprivileged girls an opportunity for a better life. Many of them today are married with children of their own.

This April 26th marked the Silver Jubilee of Prasann Jyothi. We wish to thank all the people along the way who have selflessly contributed to taking care of girls at the home. We could not have achieved this milestone without your continual support.



'The greatest stress children go through is the greed to be somebody and the fear of being nobody...Each one is unique. Enjoy this uniqueness. Why become somebody? Why not be you? When you are lost in comparisons, you are caught up in competition...learn to compete with your potential.'

    - The Art of Wise Parenting,
       Swami Sukhabodhananda

At our home for girl children, we work to increase their confidence, to make them realize their own uniqueness and in doing so, achieve their full potential.