Ontological Leadership Talk At Hotel Grand Hyatt Dubai For Aditya Birla Group

14th Jul, 2017

Swami Sukhabodhananda addressed a group of CEO’s of Aditya Birla group on 14th July 2017 on Ontological Leadership at Hotel Grand Hyatt, Dubai on 14th of July 2017.

Swamiji started the session by saying all the CEO’s are very knowledgeable and who have been performing well in their respective areas of responsibility.  It’s the paradigm shift in their approach towards the dynamic quality of their businesses not only from the economic and growth point of view but from a spiritual paradigm which encompasses not just growth but profitable growth. This will lead to handling stress, conflict resolution and enhancing the quality of relationships.

It’s found that roughly 1% of the people in the US hold 90% of the wealth. The cutting edge therefore is one of being alert and sensitive to one’s pattern of thinking, Perceptive intelligence and understanding the context of an event.Therefore be alert to the cutting edge which empowers growth

People may know, but is that knowledge blessing them? We have our own likes dislikes conclusions and so on which creates a positionality. This creates rigidity and stagnates one’s fluidity and flexibility to align to the changing scenario which life offers time and again.

Every word that we utter has a meaning. Look deeper the meaning has a feeling. Feeling has a context and a context results in an experience. How do we relate to an experience? generally, the experience with his background of his past memory and conclusions pollutes the experience. Can one experience the experience without the interference of the experiencer? then it becomes a direct cognition which gives rise to an intelligence carrying the purity of perception and completeness. Such a cognition helps in resolving conflicts, and relieves Stress.

The resistance to change in this scenario demolishes the approximation of truth that happens, eliminates the toxicity of the perceiverand creates a state of position less position, openness and fluidity allowing one to take not just the right but appropriate decision in line with the demands of the situation.

Ontological leadership is being in tune with the essence of the five elements namely,space – which is openness and inclusiveness,air which teaches one to touch every experience and allow it to go, fire – which teaches detachment and adds light to one’s perception, water – helps one to be flexible, and  earth – keeping one grounded and tolerant.

Don’t restrict yourself to the roles that you play but look deeper and add a human touch and win hearts of people which is the most important asset that we have. This makes a CEO not just a Chief Executive Officer but a Chief Empowering Officer.

In Conclusion Swamiji emphasised that a creator should never be consumer, because the joy of creation is lost when the creator becomes the consumer. The joy of creation is the reward.