Life changing workshop LIFE+

8th Apr, 2018

Life is an opportunity showered on us by the Lord almighty. More often than not Life is looked upon as a big burden, some times more as a curse due to the vagaries of situations, experiences etc., that we go through day in and day out, even just for the very survival. The have-nots look forward to have more hoping that having more will give fulfilment. On the other hand the haves realise that even after having all that they wanted in life is not fulfilling.

How to live a fulfilling life? What makes life fulfilling?

One school of thought says that to live a fulfilling life one should be successful in life. What is success? Having the basic needs of Food, Clothing Shelter, social status, name fame etc., and as much more of it as possible.

Another school of thought says these things are all for the materialistic minded people and they don’t give fulfilment. It’s the inner growth, religion and spirituality is the only answer to all the problems of life.

Life becomes a great opportunity a blessing when an enlightened approach to life is explored. There are two dimensions of Life.

There is an Outer World which needs to be acted upon consisting of your needs for

· Food Clothing Shelter, Education, Health, Financial wellness i.e worldly achievement

· Learning the art of Effective communication & Interpersonal skills

· Art of Dealing with difficult people

· Art of powerful Goal setting, Decision making and team building

· Being a Possibility thinker and so on.

There is an Inner World which also needs attention which so often skips our attention and ignored such as

· Techniques of Mind management, Worry management, Fear management

· Healing Psychological wounds

· Art of Being Restful, Playful, Blissful and Loving

· Meditations to bring about Healthy Inner healing and enlightenment.

LIFE+ workshop is a Unique Self- Development Program which focuses on both the aspects of How one can become not only an Outer Winner in Life but also an Inner Winner in Life and create a Harmony between the different Zones of Life namely Family, Work, Social, Intimate, Spiritual And Financial zones of Life.

Swami Sukhabodhananda is an International Spiritual Master popularly known as the Corporate Guru. Being a Spiritual Scientist that He is, He amalgamates the best of the Wisdom of the East and West from Vedanta, Yoga, Tao, Zen ,The Bible, Sufism , Buddhism and so on Blended with modern Psychology and therapies like Mirroring, Pacing and focussing . and adopts the methodology of

· Interactive dialogue oriented enquiry

· Group Dynamic in the form of Processes and Games

· Meditations both Dynamic and Passive.

during the program

Swamiji says People want Success. They may achieve success but in the process lose their peace and end up with tension, stress and pain. Even When they fail they go through more tension and stress. Thus tension has become the basis of success and failure which is not a wise way of living.

LIFE+ program teaches the art of achieving Success not through tension and stress but out of Joy. Facing even failure in a space of Joy because every failure teaches us great lessons. Hence rejoice that learning.

Life is like an Ocean which is the same for all. There can be different ways of connecting to the Ocean.

· You can look at the Ocean appreciate from far and go away.

· You can wet your hands and feet enjoy and go away.

· You can also swim in the Ocean and enjoy

· You can jump go deep and enjoy the marine life

· You can dive deeper and search for the pearls and experience ecstasy.

Life is an Ocean. It depends o you how deep you are ready to go. Swamiji inspires you to go search deep into your life and search for the pearls of Life

Thus creating an atmosphere conducive to one and all to express themselves freely and safely unburden themselves and fill themselves with joy