LIFE+ at Chennai

30th May, 2018


Sometimes we inadvertently start wondering what we are doing with our Life. Basic Questions of what is Life?

Is this the way I want to live my Life?

Have I done the right things in Life?

Has the content of my Life been good enough to be happy?

Where am I heading now and from now on and so on and so forth?

The quality of our Life is an expression of the quality of the content of our consciousness. If the content of our consciousness is in conflict, then our life is an expression of conflict. Swamiji says more often than not the way we live our life is guided by our likes, dislikes, should, shouldn’t, our hurts, fears, conclusions, diffidence and insecurities. These conflicting parameters create dilemmas and thus we are more often in a situation of EITHER- OR,confusion and land up in a disturbed mind set.

Such a mind-set is a fertile soil for stress and tension which keeps lurking in the background of our daily life. This results in the deterioration of our physical,mental and emotional health.

We feel success is the be all and end all of life.When we succeed the tension continues because we have to sustain the success rate. If we fail,there is pain of the failure. In both the cases, tension and stress is common.

How do we find a suitable alternative and live a harmonious life has been the search of mankind from time immemorial. Our Rishis and evolved souls of this world have given us enough material in this regard.

One such program conducted by Swami Sukhabodhananda,the International Spiritual Master and Corporate Guru is called LIFE +.

This Unique program is a Two day Self-development Workshop

which works on these core areas of Conflict of

How to effectively handle our

•Hurts, fears, insecurities & idiosyncrasies.

•How to better the content of what we talk to ourselves, how we talk to ourselves and what picture we create of ourselves.

•Transforming the content of different zones of our life namely intimate zone, family zone, work zone, and spiritual zone.

Drawing inspiration from various Spiritual masters from Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism ,Zen, Christianity amalgamating this with Modern Psychology and therapies like Mirroring, Pacing Focussing etc., thus creating a harmony that results not only in just growth but Profitable growth helping in the formation of a fulfilling life that combines success and satisfaction holistically.

The methodology is more dialogue oriented interspersed with group dynamics processes and games with highlight being one of different meditation techniques which help in enhancing our peaceful and blissful centres that makes us more Creative, Effective and Celebrative in life


LIFE+ Chennai

Dates: 8th & 9th Sep - 2018

Venue: Hotel Quality Sabari Inn,29, Thirumalaipillai Road
T Nagar,Chennai, Tamil Nadu

Contact: +9199017 77003,098407 25748, 094440 89607,094445 55214