LIFE+ Program

19th Jun, 2018

Life +



Success seems to be the be all and end all of our life. In our quest to achieve success we are not aware of the fact that we are losing a peaceful life that is our birth right.

  1. We achieve success with a lot of tension and pain.
  2. When we fail, we go through pain.
  3. Tension has become the very basis of success as well as failure.

           This is definitely not a wise way of living.

LIFE+ program teaches us the art of achieving success, not from tension and pain, but of joy. Facing failure is also out of joy, for failure teaches us lessons.  LIFE+ also helps in rejoice these learning.

2.Life is like the Ocean. We all see the ocean same, but how we use the ocean depends on what do we want to do with the ocean.                                                                                                                                 

 You can look at the Ocean appreciate it and go away

You can wet your feet and hands and experience joy.

You can swim in the Ocean and experience joy

You can go deep and enjoy the marine life

You can still go deeper and search for the pearls.

All depends on our search. Life is an Ocean and it’s our call how deep you want to go. LIFE+ teaches you how to go deeper in life and aim for the pearls.

  1. Diving deep into the ocean of life is to dig deep and look at our relatedness to our world outside and the world that we carry inside ourselves.

How to purify our perception and understanding of this relatedness and bring about SUCCESS in our world outside and SATISFACTION in our World Inside is the challenge each one of us is facing today.

  1. This Two day workshop is an invitation to one and all to explore, experience and enhance the quality of our life in a direction which is not aligned just towards Success or Satisfaction but towards Fulfilment which eventually results not just in sheer Growth but Profitable growth.

 SWAMI SUKHABODHANANDA international corporate and spiritual guru in his TWO DAY workshop called “LIFE +”, inspires and empowers us to go deep and search for these pearls hidden in our life.

The methodology is through Interactive dialogues, processes and with powerful meditation techniques. Meditation brings change in one’s Conscious and unconscious domains. There by directing our life into the path of Transformation.