Gita Jayanthi Celabrations

4th Dec, 2017

Swami Sukhabodhananda's call to Transform the Young Minds of India through the eternal message of the Gita had a great response from  the youth fraternity. Swamiji reiterated Lord Krishna’s  said --"Lift yourself by Yourself without condemning oneself.You are your friend you are your enemy." Bounce back like Arjuna from despair to succeed. Swamiji cited the example of the great Boxer Robert Duran ‘s life and his fight with Sugar ray both legendary middle weight champions and said Boxing is all a Mind game more than Physical power. Strategy is what wins as stated by the legendary coach Ra Arcel . So strategy you adopt becomes the forerunner to our success or failure in life. Who is your guide? Shakuni was the guide for kauravas which led to their failure while Lord Krishna guided Pandavas to success.  Be alert and aware whom are you connecting to and getting guided by in your life.

A gathering of more than 500 students and teachers from different schools and colleges from Bangalore participated in the program. This was followed by chanting of the whole Bhagvad Gita by people from Sandeepani Gurukulam  group . The highlight was the 2.5 year old child who was the cynosure of the chanting. 

The whole program ended by Divya Jyothi meditation and Mahamanagalarati.











Dr Ravikumar, 5th Dec, 2017
I was fortunate to witness this utsava(celebration). Swamiji's words "Life is not about winning or loosing, life is a game let's play well".
These words literally shaken up my belief system which I had towards LIFE.