10th Jul, 2017


People from all parts of Bangalore congregated at Nirguna Mandir on Guru Purnima Day to listen to Poojya Swami Sukhabodhananda.

The houseful audience was a witness to a soul-searching unfoldment of the significance of Guru Purnima. Guru Purnima is also called as Vyasa Jayanthi since great Vyasa Maharishi’s contribution is unique in the sense that he single handedly systemized the whole Vedic literature into Shruti, Smriti and Puranas, to help all the three levels of human minds namely Uttamadhikari (the evolved student), Madhyamadhikari ( the average student), and also the Adhamadhikari ( the lowest minds in society). Thus, Vyasa is given the exalted position of one of the great gurus.

The word Guru means in Sanskrit, Gukaro Andhakaraha, Rukaro Tu Tat Nivartakaha gu-meaning ignorance, and ru- destroys ignorance. Thus the real guru is one who is committed to destroy the ignorance of the student.

Swamiji as usual in his elements, with his unique humor empowered the audience to consider the core ignorance that is dogging humanity.

People feel words are equal to knowledge. In fact words only give knowledge but not clarity. One becomes verbose when knowledge is understood superficially.

The journey of real understanding Swamiji said happens as follows

Start from the word, from the word to the meaning, from the meaning to the feeling and from the feeling to the context from which the words have emerged, and finally the context must get converted into an experience.

Secondly, one should understand, any experience is dominated by the idiosyncrasies of the experiencer. The experiencer is the conglomeration of his past, upbringing, environmental and experiential impacts of his life. In fact it is his autobiography(his/her past).

Can one experience an experience without the interference of the experiencer is the sadhana that one has to practice. When Arjuna asks Krishna that it is very difficult to manage one’s Mind which is so restless, Lord Krishna endorses Arjuna’s statement but then he says it can be achieved only by constant practice. He says Abhyasanetukaunteya Vairagyena Cha Grihyate.

How does our core ignorance develop?

Peoples approach to knowledge is in the domain of words. People feel verbal knowing is knowledge. This is one ignorance.

People desire for Enlightenment. The Veda says we are already enlightened. Therefore, enlightenment is not to be desired, but it is to be discovered

Both these add to one’s core ignorance. To understand this phenomenon and transform oneself is the real sadhana. On this Guru Purnima day it’s just not praising the guru or prostrating to him that is important but to get the clarity of understanding and work on removing this ignorance should be our whole effort.

Swamiji narrated one of the Upakathas from Ramayana—

Rama asks Laxmana to check who is the person who has come to seek justice from him? There was a dog asking for justice. The dog says – I was lying on the road silently. This man kicked me asked me to move. Is this Rama Rajya? an innocent harmless dog is kicked around? The man was called who said that it was a narrow street and I had to go forward. Since the dog was blocking my way I had to ask him to move. Rama was confused. He asked the dog itself to frame the punishment. Everyone was surprised to see the dog asking the man to be made the head of a mutt. It appeared more an honor rather than a punishment. When asked the reason the dog said—in my previous life I was a religious head. I was not enlightened but people showered praises on me, respected me. My ego grew and I instead of doing well became selfish and used my position for my own benefit. Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. As a result of this sin I am now born as dog in this life.  This man now will do the same once he is in power and in his next life will be born as a dog and I will kick him.

Moral – never misuse the position that you are in. Do justice to the post that you are given be it as a CEO, or Head of an Organization, or as a rich person. Understand the law of Karma. What goes around comes around.

What’s the difference between a teacher and the Guru? A teacher is one who carries the light and guides, while a Guru is one who himself is the light. Let your being, be a light. The last sermon of Buddha before his death to Ananda, his nephew who asks him what will happen to him in His absence. Buddha said appo deepobhava—Be a light unto yourself

Let us all become a light unto ourselves. Hari om tat sat.




Dr Ravikumar, 24th Jul, 2017
I was blessed to be a part of this sacred celebration at Nirguna Mandir. In this talk with lot of love & blessings swamiji jolted our desire system. What striked me was all of us know, we want to get enlightened.... but desiring/wanting/wishing for it doesn't take us any where, rather than desiring we need to be exploring towards it. This reminded me swamiji's beautiful words.. "Be like a columbus in the field of consciousness". HARI OM.