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6th May, 2018


Existential Laboratory

Mind is the cause for Bondage . Mind is the cause for freedom says Lord Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita. It’s this mind which has to be understood more than the external events, situations, and people. A famous HASSIDIC saying goes thus “WHO YOU ARE SPEAKS SO LOUDLY I CAN’T HEAR WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.” It’s not what you say but how you say what you say that makes a difference to yourself and others. What you say is an expression of your inner self rather then what you portray outside.

This inner self is the culmination of our past upbringing, the conscious and unconscious inheritance of the impact of our environment and experiences. We rarely realise that to improve upon and bring in a profitable change in our selves changing the external doesn’t help so much as the change in the inner self. More often we are focussing on changing the situations, events and other people and feel once these change, our life will change for the better.

The real change that can happen is by realising as follows:-

1.I have no control on the external events or people or situations.
2. It is the way I look at these situations events and people that has to change
3. The way I look at the external is the way my inner self has been shaped.
4. This inner self is an expression of my thoughts
5. The movement of this thought processwhich is nothing but our Mind has to be understood by me
6. Once having understood rightly either by myself or guided by an evolved spiritual master this mind has to be transformed.
7. the real goal in life is to not only understand and transform this thought process but to transcend this thought process which is our Mind.

Swami Sukhabodhananda International Spiritual Master and World famous Corporate Guru has embarked on this unique task of creating a space for this transformation of the minds of people which in effect transforms the way humanity is viewing life as such, and create a wholistic approach to life. Live life love life and celebrate life is the Mantra.
How can you do this?

A four day residential meditation camp is being conducted By PoojyaSwamiji in a place far away from the din and noise of the stressful world in the serene surroundings of nature under the shade of fully grown trees. All day long meditation techniques to still the mind interspersed with bath dynamic and passive meditations with simple and profound ancient truths being clarified by poojyaSwamiji in his own unique simple and humorous unfoldment.

What more there is the divine dance of ecstasy in each ones heart which transforms one starting from the pathway to a fulfilling life to the understanding of how to die gracefully and wisely?Swamiji says DEATH COMES DANCING TO A WISE PERSON.
CELEBRATION IS THE ESSENCE OF THIS UNIVERSE. Come Join and celebrate life in this unique SPACE WITH THIS DIVVINE MASTER AND His energy field.Note. Please include flyer of elab along with this article.