Distribution of Artificial Limbs and Calipers

12th May, 2015

During Swamiji’s birthday celebrations and in the run up to it, we reached out to nearly 60 people in need of artificial limbs and calipers. 

This initiative is  carried out regularly in Prasanna Trust, both in its headquarters as well as various chapters across India. 

According to the latest statistical data, nearly 21 million people in India are suffering from some form of disability or other, of which 27.9% are disabled in movement. 

By providing them with the support they need, we hope to improve their quality of life. Contact us here to find out how you can contribute to this initiative. 



Nagendra Moka, 3rd Dec, 2016
Swamiji doing very great work for all kind of people
Sanjib Kalra, 23rd Sep, 2015
This is really a great help for people who need artificial limbs.
Rishish Mishra, 18th May, 2015
I am a handicap student. I need some help to get an artificial hand. Can i get support please.