What the press says

TOI does a poll on who talks the talk best. Swamiji tops the list on all counts. This is one man who has the ability to reach out to every member in the audience. Swamiji is erudite, often lyrically so, His programs have been consciously designed to suit the widest spectrum of people, to keep metaphysical and semantic speculations to the minimum.



What he teaches is essentially a mix of psychological, yogic and meditation exercises tinged with the latest management jargon. 



He is the latest Guru on the corporate scene. And his program on Stress and Creativity are being lapped up by executives from top-notch companies.



Swamiji adopts interactive mode than preaching or discourse mode so that individual comes out to enquire into the problems or situations with openness and seek their own solutions. He uses objective perception of human problems, relationships and situations encountered in life.



Swamiji is clear about what ails the corporate world and its generals; the soul sapping constant struggle to be one up on the competitor. He is attempting what no corporate guru has ever tried; reconcile two conflicting objectives. Be a gladiator in the violence filled arena of corporate competition and yet be at peace within.


Swamiji reveals mentally and socially challenging tasks important to success such as decision-making, the divine principle of worldly achievement, mind management and powerful art of goal setting.

- Home News Tribune, USA