Social work

Our social work aims to tranform society into a more tolerant, understanding and peaceful one, through initiatives and programs which work to provide a holistic approach for growth. They address both basic needs as well as personal development. 

Spiritual Transformative Education

The programs we conduct use spirituality as a base to transform individuals and society. They facilitate an examination of the self and a discovery of the world. Through these programs, we aim to bring about changes in each area of life: how to manage relationships, how to deal with difficult people, how to handle negative emotions, among other such challenges. 

Under the guidance of Swami Sukhabodhananda, the programs draw from spiritual teachings of the world, including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sufism, Christianity and others. Learn more about our programs here. 

Social services

Both as an organization, as well as members of the Prasanna community, we work to bring about transformation in society through socially oriented services. Prasanna Jyothi, is a home for orphaned girls, where we take care to provide a safe environment for young girls in need. We also hold regular blood donation camps and provide artificial limbs and calipers. 

Our chapter members across India come together regularly to carry out social activities. These are on a volunteering basis, and bring people together to carry out initiatives such as awareness raising, providing clothes for children in need, among others.