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Donate for a cause

You could donate for a cause in the following ways: 

1. Annadana :
You have an occasion to share and celebrate with children by providing a feast for the children for a day.
Contribution: Rs.1500/-

2. Jnanadana
You have a desire to educate the underprivileged by providing education to a child for a year.
Contribution: Rs.6,000/-
3. Child Sponsorship
You would want to adopt a child by providing for food, shelter, schooling, clothing.
Contribution: Rs.10,000/- part sponsorship.
4. Jeevandana
A desire to feed the children in any one day of your choice: 
Contribution: Rs.8,000/-
5. Donor
Your magnanimous contribution will keep the torch of service ever illuminating. 
Contribution: Rs.15,000/- and above

Current Media is full of unhealthy minds causing innumerable problems for themselves and to the community at large. Peer influence, poor roll models and excessive exposure to misdirected events create a fog in the Minds of youth. WHO survey says that by year 2025, the largest killer will be depression. Times survey has shown that 58% of youngsters in Mumbai alone have considered Suicide sometime or other in their life. The vision of the country is to be a Superpower by 2025, but the ground reality is that there is a disorganized unhealthy Mind among Youth that negates this possibility.

Clarity is Knowledge and that indeed is power. The purpose of the program is to instill the sense of Clarity in the Minds of the youth so that their choices are truly exercised for their benefit. This requires a thorough overhaul of their definitions, their reference points, their understanding of freedom and a resolve to nourish a healthy being.

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Volunteer with us

Our social activities and programs often require volunteers to help us in our efforts. We ask you to join us in our endeavours.

Join our chapters

We have chapters in various cities across India. There are also chapters present within a city, for members to join. Headed by a chapter chairperson, each chapter holds regular satsangs or meetings. Through the chapters, members often find support and companionship to guide them on their path to transformation. We invite you to join our chapters in your respective cities and areas.
We can also help you start a chapter in your area. Call us and we will facilitate it for you. 

Organize a program or talk

We invite you to bring together people in your city/community or area to hold programs and workshops. They can be conducted either by Swamiji or by our Seminar Leaders. We will facilitate and provide the support for you to make this a success.

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