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I immensely enjoyed reading Swanniji's latest addition of the book "Managing Life Creatively."

This book gives all the teachings about life and leadership which are covered in a few thousand books. Each line has to be read and re-read to understand the hidden knowledge .

This book is a bible for the modern day corporate leaders, bureaucrats and leaders of armed forces including the police and para military forces!

In short, this book is a one stop source for the entire knowledge one needs to lead a successful, happy family, social and official life.

The exhilarating part of the book is the second half where the essentials for being an effective leader is dealt with... This portion covers all that is taught in the best of universities like the Harvard Business School or the Stanford University. For this, Swamiji has dug deep into the treasures of the Indian scriptures...

I found this book an all time best in genre of books on management and Life. A must for knowledge seekers. When you have this book in hand, no need to refer to any other book.

My salutes to the gentle, erudite, soft spoken Mother who provokes Swamiji to come up with his best .

For me it is the ultimate reading experience regarding facts to face a tough life with!

Sivanandhan. D
Former DGP,
Maharashtra state

Managing Life Creatively - Life Journey of Mother Et Son inspires me to recollect the teaching of my parents during my growing years. The book is a wonderful compilation that mirrors one's innermost core issues and offers solution which leads one to profit from life nourishing learning.

It is simply awesome and amazing reading experience with variety of topics which are highly relevant in current times. A must read for a family.