About us

Prasanna Trust is a registered social charitable trust with an objective to relook into various facets of Indian philosophy and culture for effective transformation of an individual and society at large.

We have made our presence felt through spiritual transformative education and social oriented service.

Spiritual transformative education 

Education plays a large part in the development of an individual throughout one's life. It provides the tools for us to better understand the world in which we live, to continue to learn and evolve as human beings. However, the education we receive in our schools and colleges today, places great emphasis on developing the mind to memorize, compute and analyse facts and scientific theories. Its primary focus is to equip us for the job market. While this is essential for an individual's ability to survive in an increasingly competitive world, it often neglects an equally important aspect of personal growth and development: the inner world within us. How equipped are we to face life's challenges? How do we remain, balanced, kind and humane individuals in a world that is often cruel and filled with suffering? And how are we to overcome this suffering? 

 We, at Prasanna Trust, believe that 'the heart of education, is the education of the heart'. While there is the 'outer world' without, where we work to achieve material, social and cultural growth, there is also a world within us, that is equally, if not more so, important. It is within the realm of this world that we can ever hope to realize our true nature of eternal bliss. And it is here, that some of life's greatest battles are fought. 

At some point or other, when faced with challenges, we all look within ourlseves in an attempt to understand who we are. It is often during these trying times, that we need guidance and pathways to help us on a journey into the inner world. A transformation that comes from close self-examination and awareness has far-reaching changes both in the personal and professional arena. Spirituality is at the core of such transformation. 

We work to facilitate this process of self-discovery, under the guidance of Swami Sukhabodhananda, one of the most respected spiritual leaders of India. Swamiji successfully blends together ancient wisdom of Hindu and various world philosophies, with modern thought to provide tools for self-management and growth. 

We work to bring about transformation through the following activities:

  • Unfolding the traditional texts of the Bhagavad Gita and the Upanishads, as is relevant to today's context
  • Workshops to bring forth creativity and awareness through a spiritual paradigm. Our workshops address everything from questions of existence to parenting challenges to corporate management issues and are designed to deal with in-depth concerns, rather than surface-level problems. 
  • Research to foster universal love through an inter-religious forum. 
  • Spiritual inputs to fear, trauma, drug and alcohol abuse and other destructive tendancies. 
  • Orientation programs for social workers.

Social Oriented Services 

We are dedicated to facilitating and carrying out socially relevant work within the organization. We have 4 main areas of work: 

Prasanna Jyothi is a home for underprivileged and destitute children in need of care. We work to provide girl children with a safe and comfortable home where they can realize their full potential. 

Providing artificial limbs and calipers: periodic camps are organized wherein people from impoverished backgrounds are given artificial limbs and calipers that help them to be independent free. Some of the recipients have taken to work to earn their livelihood with the help of these support systems.

Annadanam, or food servings, is organized in different parts of various cities on a regular basis. Thousands are the beneficiaries of this.

Scholarships: under this scheme, meritorious students irrespective of caste, creed and religion but belonging to economically weaker sections of society are provided with educational scholarships. This activity has benefited hundreds of students over the years.

Prasanna Centre for Life Management - PCLM (Nirguna Mandir) Hall Availability

A state - of - the art Hall in the heart of Bangalore city capable of hosting 400 to 500 people for any auspicious ceremonies like Wedding, Engagement, Birthday Celebration, Upanayanam ....The Hall overlooking a vast area of well maintained lawn, available  at Koramangala.

Other facilities include:

  • The entire premises is covered under CcTV surveillance
  • Ample parking space outside the premises
  • Audio system with mikes and speakers
  • Projector with screen for display
  • Amphi theatre for small allied functions/ ceremonies
  • Sri Krishna Temple
  • Separate basement dining area
  • Kitchen premises for dry cooking
  • 16 well equipped A/C rooms double/triple  sharing basis

The proceeds from this offering is n-marked for running Social Charitable activities of the trust.
For Details Contact – 080- 25526101/102 & 95355 50066. View Gallery for pictorial representation of the venue.